Why is Wall Water Damage Restoration Necessary?

Water damage is the most unpleasant thing that happens in your home. It may ruin your home’s structure, such as walls. A homeowner must take quick action for water damage restoration in terms of wall water damage. Generally, It takes one to 24 hours for the water to damage walls. Sometimes a tiny water leak causes an expensive drywall replacement. Although, wet drywall does not need to replace in any case. There are some wall water damage signs which you should know more about them to prevent extra losses, including:

1-Wet or dark spots on the walls

2-Cracking, bubbling, and flaking walls

3- Running water sounds

4-Increased water bill

5-Musty or Damp Smell

6- Occurrence of Mold or Mildew

7-water comes into the home on rainy days

Below I am going to explain more about each sign; take a look at them to get more information:



Wet or Dark Spots sign of water damage

Dark or wet spots on the walls are a clear sign of new water damage, so it’s vital to get help from a professional water damage company to avoid further problems. Restoration water damage experts can determine its a new or old water damage. Any visible changes on the walls mean a water damage alarm. For example, yellow, brown, white, chalky walls are signs of old stains that didn’t solve yet.

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Cracking, Bubbling, and Flaking


Running Water Sounds

If you hear sounds like dripping, rushing, or running water, there is water damage in the wall. So it’s time to get a Water damage restoration service


Increased Water Bill

If your water bill is increasing and your routines didn’t change, it’s a primary sign of water damage in your home. First, you should check your water meter and record the numbers before and after turning it off for about 3 hours. If you find a severe increase in the number, it would be a water leak in the home. Knowing more to prevent water damage and control its problem is the key to reducing potential future expenses.


Musty or Damp Smell 

If you smell like wet newspaper or wet cardboard, it may be a water leak in the wall or not. You cant see what happens inside the walls. Generally, to determine wall water damage, you need a home water damage restoration .therefore, it’s suitable to call a 24-hour water damage restoration company or expert as soon as possible.


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Occurrence of Mold or Mildew

If you find small dark spots on the walls, it’s a primary sign of mold occurs. This uninvited guest needs your attention, and cure .mold can be grown very fast. Some kinds of molds, especially black mold, are toxic and dangerous to health. If you have water damage mold issues, don’t waste your time anymore; contact a water damage restoration and mold remediation company to get their services.

Mildew is also a sign of water damage in a home .you should find the main root to decrease potent losses .so, it’s necessary to detect mold and mildew as soon as possible. They don’t wait for you to make a decision; they grow faster and faster, and it may decrease your property value and lots of other issues if you don’t get a quick step to solve it.


Water Comes into The Home on Rainy Days

Depending on which area you live in, you might have a window leak problem on a rainy day. There are enough rainy days in orange county, so don’t ignore a little rainwater coming in through the windows when it’s raining. Water coming into a home isn’t a good sign. It could cause vast issues such as mold, rotting wood, electrical hazard, decreasing your home value, and discolored walls. In these situations, all you need is to find the source of window leaks and fix it properly. mostly, you can find window leaks in 7 places more than the others, which include:

1- shower or bathtub

2-toilet or toilet flapper

3-sink faucets, handles, and pipes


5-clothes washer

6-outside spigots


In summary, a professional water damage repair and restoration in orange county can detect water leaks with a thermal camera. Thus, it doesn’t need to break the walls to determine which parts are affected by water. Today’s technology gives us enough convenience to fix all water damage issues more efficiently. If you deal with a busy routine and need home water damage restoration, water restoration companies can make your restoration immediately as possible.

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Conclusion : 

Overall, in this busy life, it’s easy to forget to do home maintenance. If you are sick of water damage in your property and you want to get rid of all problems, you need to take a step quickly and get help from a water damage and restoration company. DKI professional team is the best water damage restoration in orange county takes the stress off your shoulder. Our experienced team makes your restoration process the easiest, and we ensure you everything will be better than before.



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