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What is content restoration?

The term Content restoration can be applied to a wide range of items that may become faulty or damaged after a disaster such as water,  flood, or fire. Content restoration together with reconstruction in the rebuilding phase is evenly important since they encompass all the belongings housed within the four walls of your property.

Our Mission at DKI

Recovering from a disaster is far more than just the external parts of the property. The interior items too will need to be restored to their pre-loss state. The DKI content and water mold fire restoration services team know how worthy and valuable such items are to our Orange County clients, and therefore our team of professionals knows how to carefully handle the process in no time.

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Here’s how we do it all

  • 1
    We stabilize the situation

  • 2
    We remove debris

  • 3
    We fix up the damage

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