What do you need to know about content restoration?

content restoration

After a flood, disaster, fire, or storm damage, the homeowner wants to secure their property because smoke and mold can destroy your home. In this situation, content restoration is essential to restore valuable items in a business or home.

Remember, content creation involves repairing possessions, which is the last step of the restoration process. You may get a chance to cover your losses with the help of your home insurance plan. Your insurer may save money on your claim if they restore damaged content by dampness or smoke.

Before claiming your insurance, there are some important things you must understand about content restoration.


Document Signs of Fire or Flood Damage

You will need proof to claim damages; therefore, take pictures of the interior and the source of leaks if possible. Moreover, create an inventory of destroyed belongings. During the restoration process, your service provider may list damaged possessions.

It will be good to create your inventory of damaged items, their original costs, and replacement costs. You can attach their receipts and credit statements to support your price claims. Insurers may pay an estimated repair cost according to your insurance policy.

Restoration and Cleaning Work

You will need experts for the content restoration process because smoke damage is stubborn and complicated to remove. It is extremely difficult to eliminate smoke from fabric belongings and upholstered furniture.

Indeed, it is difficult to repair smoke damage with time; therefore, hire an experienced smoke restoration professional. Professionals can deodorize fabric with ozone treatment, hydroxyl generator, or thermal fogging.

Get a Quote for Restoration Services

Even your insurer handles this matter, but you will make payment (indirectly) for content restoration services. They will use your coverage to replace and restore items, including valuables, personal possessions, jewelry, art, electronics, furniture, and clothing. The restoration cost may be deducted from the content portion of your insurance coverage.

Dry cleaning is a common restoration form. The entire restoration procedure may be time-consuming and expensive. You have to bear the cleaning and restoration costs if your insurance plan does not cover your entire expenses.

content restoration

Smoke Damage and Health Risks

Fire can damage clothing and furniture and produce smoke with several health risks. Smoke particles can pollute your fabrics and furniture. Remember, smoke particles may linger in clothes and furniture. You will need content restoration specialists to restore furniture and property.

Your HVAC system may irritate your lugs or increase the chance of scarring. Indeed, inhaling soot may cause lung, respiratory, and sinus issues. Soot residue may increase the chances of drying and skin irritation. Furthermore, smoke particles can increase eye irritation and watery and red eyes.

If your insurer recommends dry cleaning and restoration, ensure adequate restoration of your belongings. It is extremely dangerous to live with smoke damage; therefore, consider experts for content restoration.

Restoration May Be Unsuccessful

Sometimes, restoration can be unsuccessful, and you will get back damaged items. If your insurer wants to move forward with cleaning without restoring your belongings, there is no need to pay for restoration services.

If you want to prepare yourself for these emergencies, feel free to take content restoration classes. You can get tangible benefits from these classes and help other homeowners after a flood or hurricane.

In Conclusion

DKI’s national licensed and credentialed network provides quality emergency response and full-service property restoration services. We are equipped with the finest tools, best practices, and many resources that allow our national emergency response teams to handle any size loss from start to finish.

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