Does homeowners insurance cover water damage?

Water damage restoration

 A homeowner’s insurance policy knowledge is crucial in a water damage restoration claim in Irvine and all Orange County areas in 2021. So the determination of what kind of water damage and restoration is covered by insurance is kindly helpful. According to the standard California homeowners policy, the “sudden and accidental” water damage will cover by insurance (like a burst water pipe) but not gradual destruction, like a leaking bathroom sink.

All in all, the Water damage determined to be sudden and came from within the home will cover by insurance. Almost all homeowner’s policies will provide coverage to recover your losses in terms of water damage. If it’s not possible to stay at your home while under repair and water damage clean up, this coverage will also cover additional living expenses like a hotel.

As I mentioned upper, you can’t claim insurance in some water damage cases, although it’s easy to prove a claim for some usual circumstances. Let’s take a brief look at these cases below :


Main Types of  Water Damage Not cover By insurance:

Some main types of water damage that are usually not covered by insurance include:

1- Water backup: any water that backs into your home from sewer or drain doesn’t cover by insurance unless you purchase this endorsement.

2-Gradual water damage: homeowner insurance policy doesn’t cover gradual water damage like a water pipe leaking which is too old.

3- flood damage: water loss caused by a flood doesn’t cover by homeowners insurance. In this house flooded case, you need a flood insurance policy.

4- water leaking from old pipes.

5-ground water getting into your home basement

6- water damage from an unrepaired leaky faucet

To conclude, to be more cautious and decrease your potential losses, you can purchase all these types of water damage insurance as additional coverage.

Why is Most Homeowner Insurance rarely Cover Flood Damage?

As I explained before, homeowners do not cover most flood damage because it is considered a gradual event rather than sudden or accidental. According to basic water damage insurance rules, It’s noticeable if the water first touches the ground then enters your home, which is considered flood damage. In flood damage cases, highly recommended that if you live in an at-risk region, hire a flood damage insurance company so they will provide adequate coverage for most instances of flooding and protect you against all flood losses.

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Water Damage Covered by Home Insurance:

Determination of water loss is an essential process of a water damage restoration service.  A professional home water damage restoration can guide you properly to estimate the losses and restore all your property like pre-damage or even better than before. some water damage covered by insurance which includes:

1-a burst or frozen water pipes: A burst water pipe damage is California homeowners’ most common water damage. Genuinely, all home insurance companies cover the ensuing water damage like a burst pipe.

2- leaking roof, which is new

3-sudden or accidental plumbing

4-ice dams which create a leaking roof

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How to Get Insurance to Pay for Water Damage and restoration?

There is some crucial step that you need to take if you are dealing with sudden water damage, including :

1-Determine the source of the water loss and take reasonable and immediate steps to stop it from flowing.

2-Determine if your home insurance policy covers your water damage. Because non every damage is covered by insurance.

3-Call your insurance agent quickly to report your claim. Before that, hire a professional water damage removal company to get assistance to make a water damage claim.

4-Get the water cleaned up by restoration water damage experts.

5-Determine if you need to leave home or not.

6- be sure to Take photos of the damaged area before leaving your home if needed.

7- Meet with your adjuster and get assistance.

8-Understand your loss settlement.

9-Meet with several contractors and decide to hire one of them.

10-Negotiate the payment for repairs.

11-Be prepared to get any unpredictable cancellation. Sometimes things are out of our control.

How Long Does it Take for Water Damage Insurance to Pay a claim?

Ideally, it can take a week or months depending on where you live .some insurance companies payout within 10 and 30 days after receiving proof of claims. And it takes 40 days to accept or deny a claim. This process will depend on the communication between the homeowners, insurance adjusters, and water damage contractors. Although, Some insurance companies are faster at settling claims than others. It allows them to maintain their reputation of a quick payout process.

In summary, if you face sudden water damage issues, you must choose the best water restoration companies. DKI  24-hour water damage restoration company will ruin all stress on your shoulder in every step of water damage clean up and making insurance claims.

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Conclusion :

In closing, if you are dealing with a sudden water damage house issue and seek a water damage company with a highly experienced staff, the DKI professional team is the best choice. We will assist you in each step of the home water damage restoration and insurance claims. Protect and restore all your losses, so no worries more, let us know and contact us now.



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