Why Do You Need Professional Disinfection Services for Your Workplace?

In the post-COVID-19 era, disinfection services are essential more than any time else. Nonetheless, it is not all about the Coronavirus. Other viruses, colds, flues, fungus, and bacteria also can cause trouble all year long. So, if you want to keep everyone safe while still doing the volume of business you need to keep the doors open, getting professional disinfection cleaning services is a must for you.


Obviously, creating a safer and healthier work environment and reducing the spread of diseases and employee absenteeism, in turn, are the best benefits the professional disinfection and sanitization services offer. However, there are still benefits to these services that we go through in this article.


Why Just Cleaning Your Office is Not Enough?

The answer is simple. Because by cleaning without disinfecting, you cannot get rid of the allergens and gems. Actually, you can clean without disinfecting, but you cannot disinfect without cleaning. Since germs can hide under soils, If the surfaces are not cleaned first, disinfection services cannot be carried out effectively. 


How Disinfection Services Are Performed in General?

Professional disinfection and sanitization services have different plans for disinfecting surfaces and air. When it comes to surfaces, these services entail trained disinfection technicians using specialist equipment, including personal protective equipment and an approved high-level surface disinfectant. In addition, key touchpoints like doorknobs, handrails, light switches, soap dispensers, and chair handles are focused mainly in this stage.


Take note that commercial cleaning professionals are equipped with those powerful disinfectants that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends as the frontline of defense against any new virus.  


When it comes to combating airborne pathogens, fogging is the ideal sterilization method. In this technique, sanitizing products are mixed with water and emitted as a fine mist or spray.


Benefits of Professional Commercial Cleaning for Your Business

Now, let’s see, besides the benefits mentioned above, what other major benefits hiring a commercial cleaning service provider offers you.


Trained and Equipped with Specialized Tools

To qualify as a disinfection technician, a person must take many hours of training to clean and sanitize all facilities like office buildings, factories, etc. Moreover, disinfection technicians are equipped with various cleaning supplies and specific tools for every job.


Disinfection Treatment Custom to Your Needs

Since professional disinfection service providers understand that all workplaces don’t require similar disinfection and sanitization services. So they make any alterations needed in their disinfection treatments to suit your requirements.


Moreover, they are willing to adapt their schedule to yours to avoid interrupting your business activities and daily business. For example, after fogging, the respective section of the building is operational for 6 hours. So, your professional disinfection service provider does change his schedule to suit your timings.


Increased Productivity

Research has shown that polluted indoor air quality can bring about a sharp drop in productivity. Interestingly, indoor air can contain higher levels of pollutants than outside air. So enhancing the efficiency and enthusiasm of your employees by providing healthier air to breathe and a more hygienic space to work is always an excellent idea.


Improved Professional Image

Creating a clean and hygienic appearance for your workplace is a brilliant idea as it gives a welcoming impression to your new clients and customers.


Final Thoughts

Keeping your business premises sanitized and disinfected not only has a positive effect on your employees’ mood, but also it helps you to make a professional impression on your clients. No matter what type of premises you carry out your business in, DKI Restotech has all the necessary resources to provide you with the best disinfection services. Hospitals, factories, offices, you name it. We have done the job for many of these so far.


If you are looking to hire a professional disinfection service provider cider in Orange County, call us today at (949) 359-4090 or send an email to info@www.dkirestotech.com to discuss your needs.


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