We Know how disastrous Fire Damage can be

It’s difficult to imagine the destruction and devastation caused by fire damage as even the small ones can be disastrous.

When you find yourself dealing with the loss and damage during the fire extinguishing process. You are thinking about all irreplaceable contents that might have been affected by fire or even water damage, and it can be overwhelming.

Never try to reform your property on your own after a fire. A restoration specialist has the knowledge and skill needed to make your home safe again.

There are also specific processes experts use to rebuild your house after a fire and repair fire damage. As an owner, knowing what these processes look like is a must.

These tips will aid you in shielding your family and property as you work to revive your life to its before-fire damage state.


Feel Your Feelings

Experiencing fire damage can be highly stressful. Your mind is paralyzed, reeling from the reality of what has happened, questioning what to do next, and overwhelmed.

Take a deep breath. Realize that you are now at the very start of a long process.

We know how it feels. Right now

You have no idea how to start, and you long to have things “back to how it was.”

It’s entirely normal. Rather than fighting these negative sensations or resisting what has happened, feel your feelings.


The first step of remediation is for a professional to authenticate that your property is secure. Professionals will inspect for structural damage signs that compromise the home and carefully examine the property from the outside before even opening a door.

We know that you are worried, but you need to wait for an inspector to deem the property safe before entering.

Call your insurance company

After 911, the next call you should make is to your insurance company. They play a vital role in the cleanup process.

Inform them, and then ask them what steps you need to take immediately.

Call the fire department to get a copy of the fire report. If they are not allowed to give it to you, they’ll tell you who to call. The paper report should include the condition of your home, who was affected, the date of the fire damage, and more.

The quicker you inform them, the faster you can have help from a restoration company and stop further damage.

The insurance company may need to authorize you to get that help.

For example, depending on the volume of damage and the home’s structural integrity, water mitigation services may prevent further damage like Mold.

Our experience with insurance https://www.dkirestotech.com/our-house-restoration-insurance-services/

Discard dangerous items

After a fire, cleanup is one of the most challenging parts, figuring out what can be cleaned and salvaged and what you should throw away.

Deciding what you need to throw away is a challenging process because many household items have emotional value. Still, there is also the simple financial value, and it can feel wasteful to discard so much after a fire.

Never try to save belongings that could make you sick or expose you to soot or toxins.

Read the following things that need to be abandoned:

  • Food: Food safety is a huge concern after a fire. All open containers in the cupboard need to be immediately discarded. Even sealed food in cans may be poisoned by toxins. Be thorough when inspecting your kitchen. Throw out all food items, sealed or unsealed. Throw out any food in the refrigerator as well.


  • Medicine and Cosmetics: Examine your makeup and your medicine cabinet after a fire. Throw out anything with signs of discoloration as Hazardous chemicals can be absorbed through your skin if you keep them.


  • Burned Fabric: Sometimes, clothes, textiles, and bedding which you can salvage with proper disinfection. But if anything is burnt, throw it out.

Save Your undamaged possessions

Either you or your restoration company should sort through your properties. There might still be salvageable items in the wreckage. In many situations, if you saved certain things or documents like social security cards in fire-proof storage. Anything that is not damaged or destroyed must be put in a safe place, even if it means putting them in a safe.

You will notice that household items the fire did not burn up may be ruined by smoke or the water used to put out the flames. Anything you want to keep will need to be carefully and thoroughly cleaned.

Minimize damage

Smoke can cause damage even after the fire has been extinguished. You and the specialists working in your home should be wary of soot staining, Mold and mildew, rust, and the air quality in the house.

Carbon staining occurs when the soot in the air adheres to coverings and causes discoloration. Depending on the material and time elapsed, You can usually remove the discoloration entirely, but in some cases. It may leave behind a permanent bruise. Some sensitive materials include metals, carpets, textiles, and wood.

Professionals will adequately clean them to reduce damage.

Mold and mildew can become a problem because of the fire extinguishing process. After fire damage, Mold can be formed quickly, so you should always look for any clues leading to water damage, even if you don’t see mold or mildew present yet.

Learn everything about molds 

Cancel Your credit cards and replace lost documents

Try to find your valuable papers also; if you lost any of your credit cards in the fire, cancel them immediately. You don’t want to risk your credit card being seen by a stranger. In addition, begin steps for renewing your driver’s license, social security card, and other necessary documents.

Find a safe place to Stay during the process.

Most insurance policies will pay for the food, clothing, and shelter you and your family may need for a specified period. You may want to reach local disaster relief services such as the American Red Cross, your local church, or family and friends. They help you find a safe place to stay while restoration work is in progress.

You can count on us.

If you are questioning how to get help after a house fire, contact us. After a house fire listed above, follow the things to do and give us a call, don’t worry. We will help you to help get your life back to how it was. With decades worth of experience in smoke and fire damage restoration, we will quickly rebuild your property to its original condition or better!

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